„It is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination.“ 

Henry David Thoreau


A fusion of coaching and nature experience. Away from the daily routine. Two nights & two days in nature. In wind & weather. On the water in the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei. Inspired by the process of a VISION QUEST, the TRUE NORTH Expedition is a micro heros journey in the form of an accompanying initiation into a new personal state of being.

The TRUE NORTH Outdoor Coaching Expedition offers you a ritual framework to initiate a change. A space to find orientation, strengthen your self-worth and achieve your goals in the future. The ideal process before a big life decision, a vision finding or for all topics around burnout prevention.

The central element of this process is your self-worth. How much are you worth to work on your personal development? How much real time do you take for yourself and the inner work on your issues. By this I don't mean your sports activities or meeting with friends, but conscious time to connect with your dreams & vision. Time to work on yourself and your goals. This also includes shameful feelings and unspoken fears, such as negative beliefs & shadow sides. The moment you illuminate and appreciate these aspects of your personality, you begin to accept them. With this inner North Star, the Self Leadership Compass, you strengthen your self-worth and become the director of your decisions and ultimately your life again.

Leadership Compass

The Coaching Expedition is based on the concept of the TRUE NORTH Leadership Compass, which is about time awareness, emotion management, orientation and implementation in everyday life.

With the decision for the expedition you set a clear signal for your self-worth. You are worth working on yourself, allowing all feelings, listening to your needs and facing your fear every day despite all beliefs, scripts & behavior patterns and living in your authentic TRUE SELF.

You are aware of yourself, know, accept and love all your weaknesses & strengths. You trust yourself that in the future you will stand up to your negative beliefs with ease and joy, you will follow your TRUE SELF, full of love for yourself, the others & the world.


Heros Journey Coaching

The Outdoor Coaching Expedition is a micro-adventure on your doorstep tailored to your theme & your desired transformation. An expedition outside on the way inside. The goal of the journey is to initiate a sustainable change.

At the center is a micro hero's journey tailored to your theme. From the fear of setting out into the unknown to confronting your inner demons and accepting them as part of your personality.

Through the outdoor coaching you have the opportunity to anchor your insights emotionally, in order to feel a positive emotionally motivated counterbalance to the old habit at the crucial points in your later everyday life and to walk the new path.

How does Outdoor Coaching work? 

The daily expedition routine is clearly structured. Half of the day (5 hours) we work. The other half of the day we are inspiring conversation partners & adventurous travel companions.

Work means two 90-minute coaching sessions and two 60-minute me-time reflections to yourself per day.

As a trained sea kayak paddler (Youtube PADDELZEIT) and member of the Saltwater Union, I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm & experiences with you and introducing you to a new fascinating sport along the way. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to be together in a 2-man kayak.



A theme and the will to change. Also, weatherproof clothing for shore leave and a wetsuit appropriate for the temperature. For the overnight stay a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag.

A tent, the boat including paddle & life jacket are provided by me.



The framework is fixed, everything else is flexible. We start Friday noon and return Sunday early afternoon. In between is an attractive natural landscape with many opportunities & places of silence. The nights will be spent in tents directly in the nature.

You can download a possible
daily schedule as a PDF here.



My preferred area is the Schlei, because here we can paddle in one direction or the other, depending on the wind direction. Alternatively, we can also do the tour in the Hamburg Vier- und Marschlanden.

The menu ranges from fasting to raw food to gourmet and is coordinated in advance and organized together.


Can these two days change my life? It would be great if there was this button with which everything would be different in no time. The expedition is a smaller step on the way to yourself, it can be like the first small 10g domino that at the end of the chain was the cause to knock over a 1 ton block.

What is the next step? You can use the expedition to work on your change alone. Or you can use it as a prelude or turning point in a longer-term coaching process, such as the 3-month
TRUE NORTH Transformation.



The Schlei is an arm of the Baltic Sea with a lot of scenic variety and a rich flora and fauna.

Beyond nature, the Schlei also has an exciting history to offer. Thus, the settlement of Haithabu was the southernmost settlement of the Vikings and in the 10th century the most important trading center in the Baltic Sea region.

EXPEDITIONS - Philosophie

Eine Reise außerhalb Deiner Komfortzone

  • Fortbewegung durch Muskelkraft
  • Ungeplante & spontane Schlafplätze in der Natur
  • Bewusste Ernährung 
  • Digital Detox
  • Daily Bad Habbit Detox
  • Reflexions-Zeiten


In outdoor coaching I combine my passion for nature, water sports & adventure with coaching.

If you have any questions about the TRUE NORTH Expedition, you can schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call using the button to the right.

I look forward to accompanying you on your way out of your comfort zone.


2 400.00

(incl. 19% VAT)    

  • 6 hours 1:1 Coaching
  • 1 hours briefing
  • 2 days kayak equipment 
  • 2 days overnight stay in tent 
  • 1 hour debriefing  


Dates for 2022

Here you can still find available weekend dates for 2022. If you would like to be on the road during the week, please contact me directly. I am sure we will find a time slot that fits. Please note: A dry suit is required for the last two dates of the year (October).

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