Break your chains & free yourself from old blockages!


Why is the online "Autonomy & Structure Training" the perfect self-empowerment tool?

In coaching, I repeatedly come to points with my clients where things don't seem to be going any further. The emotional blocks seem too vehement, the same behaviours repeat themselves too easily. Despite cognitive insight and understanding of the background, changing the behaviour seems almost impossible.

As soon as the button is pressed, the trigger activated, the same film runs over and over again.

The good news is that this doesn't have to be the case forever. You have the possibility to take control of your life even in such emotionally charged situations. The way to your autonomy is through "social drama" and experiencing your new story.

My teacher & inventor of systemic self-integration (SSI) is the system therapist & psychiatrist Dr. Ero Langlotz.

Please note: The method is exclusively for personal development & cannot replace psychotherapy.

  Become THE director of your triggers  

Set-up in eight steps

In a 105-minute online constellation with proxy figures (coloured building blocks), you face your blockages. You locate their origins, recognise connections with your childhood and understand your trained survival strategies.

In eight steps you free yourself from old symbiotic patterns. You separate yourself from parts that are alien to you, get in touch with your true self and take full responsibility for your childish part of yourself.

1. constellation: opposite & blocking elements

2. drawing boundaries: recognising your own space

3. recognising what is alien to you in your space (e.g. survival strategies)

4. establishing contact with your true self

5. delimitation with the cry of the predator!

6. counter-delimitation with the help of your true self

7. connection with your childlike self

8. step into the now

Freedom through


The Hero's Journey to Your Structure

I understand the structural constellation as a small ritualised hero's journey to your self-worth. You follow the call to want to change something. Then you dare to take the step into the unknown. In the further course, you face the demons of your past, separate yourself from them and as a reward you get an undisguised contact to your true self, your self-worth.

The aim of this guided journey through the past & the associated emotional worlds is to recognise old patterns, locate their origins and actively separate yourself from them.

You reorganise the story you tell yourself about yourself and create a new inner tidy & clarified structure. 

You get:

- Self-connection (autonomy)
- Self-worth (self-love)
- Authenticity (Congruence)
- Self-care
- Resillience (Resilience)
- Relational Capacity (Empathy)
- Loving ability (receiving & giving)


    299,- €      

(incl. 19% VAT)
  • Autonomy chart
  • 105 minutes 1:1 online constellation
  • Recording of the session
  • Coaching invoice incl. VAT

Gerd Samland

(Self-Leadership Coach)

"I look forward to accompanying you on your journey out of your comfort zone towards AUTONOMY."


Can the constellation change your life? It would be great if there was this button that would change everything in no time. The constellation is a small step on the way to yourself, it can be like the first small 10g domino that at the end of the chain was the cause of being able to knock over a 1 ton block.

What is the next step? You can use the experiences & insights of the STRUCTURAL RECONCILIATION to work on your change on your own. It can also be the start or a turning point in a longer-term coaching process such as the 3-month TRUE NORTH transformation.



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